Marketing Operations & Development

CRM Integration, Configuration

Without successful CRM integration, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view or deliver true ROI. In addition, without integration, any platform the corporation is using adds to the burden of disparate marketing information and limiting the creation of critical buyer intelligence and customer intelligence.

Proper integration is vital for sales reps to have the real-time intelligence they need to sell more effectively – the ability to view/track prospect web activity, email campaigns, and other marketing activites right from their sales system.

For marketing, integration ensures accurate data across marketing and sales, a 360° view, and the ability to analyze prospect behavior, increase customer retention, and deliver marketing ROI.

Brismek has a deep knowledge of the solutions and provides standard integration to keep the Sales Force Automation (SFA) database in sync with the marketing database.

Brismek’s successful integration practices give the sales department the information it needs to prioritize who’s active, real, and ready to buy.

System Administration

The marketing software environment continues to grow in usage as well as complexity. Marketing operations teams need to constantly identify solutions to support not only the software but also the business.

Brismek’s system administration provides one-stop services with ease of system configuration, integration, and management. The teams anticipate customer needs and changes in business environments.

The systems administration services provide the following benefits in the short and long run:

  • System configuration

  • System management and maintenance

  • Industry-standard processes for systems and marketing teams

  • Bridging the gap between the marketing and technology teams

  • Making the best use of available resources

Web Development

To gain a competitive edge, it is crucial to look at application solutions that help to connect the business across boundaries. The development services of Brismek help organizations in development, integration, and alignment of applications with their business across technologies. These applications can support entire business processes in complex scenarios and for dynamic business needs.

With a range of advanced application development models and frameworks in dedicated development centers around the globe, Brismek helps enable technology transformation across your organization.

Organizations across the globe are utilizing Brismek’s application development and integration services in

  • Creating an architectural road-map

  • Designing and developing new applications

  • Enhancing existing applications

  • Integrating existing and/or newly built applications

As the strategic partner for our customers, Brismek enables them to accelerate business growth, reduce development costs, and enhance their customer experience

Microsites, API Integrations

Brismek has proven expertise in portals and microsites that has significantly influenced the marketing ROI for its customers. Microsites are considered to be the most effective and dynamics means to keep the target audience engaged and drive marketing initiatives. Brismek is capable of designing custom portals and microsites to empower the marketing campaigns and other activities and drive better results. Microsite development services go inline with the existing company website retaining the overall look and feel, custom style sheets, and background scripts with a complete background management cutting effort and cost.

The most important benefits of microsites are

  • Increased awareness

  • More focused content

  • Faster development

  • Cost efficiency

  • Search effectiveness

Connect with Brismek to understand how portals and microsites can fit and empower marketing efforts.

Custom Application Development

Often in the world of marketing automation, the  tools and applications to match specific requirements are not readily available. While a marketing automation tool can be easily obtained, it will not have the customization and flexibility of an in-house-developed application. Brismek can develop custom tools and customize purchased tools with an assurance of fulfillment, quality and cost effectiveness.

Business requirements change especially in technology businesses. Brismek is capable of providing scalable and dependable solutions to match ever-changing business requirements.

Brismek’s value proposition is greater flexibility, high customization, quality processes, logical solutions, and improving business ROI.

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