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Data Quality Analysis (DQA) has always proved to be a challenging task. Data analysts need to learn the business purpose of the data. They need to talk to the users to understand how they work with data. With data pouring in faster than ever before, it is difficult to keep a handle on exactly what data is available and the quality of that data. The situation calls for regular data quality analysis. However, many organizations are understandably held back by the difficulty of building in-house solutions and the high cost of purchased systems.

Some of the characteristics of Data Quality Analysis:

Explorative – exploration of the problem domain as well as the current state of the data

Interactive – moving from overview to detail view and adjusting presumptions along the way

Temporary and non-persistent – analysis providing a snapshot of the current state as well as a set of recommended actions

Multi-sourced – analysis dealing with multiple data sources, such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, and others

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics are keys to business success. Without these functions, strategy and planning are futile.

Strategize only after Tracking, Measuring, and Analyzing

Brismek’s processes not only have the means to measure and track, but also to provide comprehensive reports. Armed with this data, marketing departments can determine what works and what does not. They can develop a winning strategy and convince management that dollars are being spent wisely.
Brismek provides the reports and customizes them to the needs of the customers.

Multiple Data Feeds

Brismek has the ability to incorporate measurement data from a variety of sources, and combine all this information for superior decision-making.

Business Intelligence for Budgeting and ROI

Proper and adequate measurement and source tracking can facilitate deeper level of analysis and business intelligence that indicates how to maximize your marketing dollars. What marketing activities have the greatest success in conversion, and ultimately what makes sales efforts more effective. The objective is to increase ROI and grow revenue. Business intelligence shows where to reduce your investments and where to increase focus to maximize the return on your investment. It can help understand trade-offs between spending on various online and offline initiatives.

Report Templates

RightWave’s comprehensive reports and charts provide marketing management with actionable business intelligence. Using this they can plan, make mid-course corrections, and budget for the future. RightWave has a large number of detailed and deep reporting templates, that can be customized to specific business needs.”

Lead Generation, Nurturing, Scoring

Skillfully applied, Salesforce integration across systems and data reinforces your existing processes, and enables you to solve day-to-day problems, while improving overall collaborative development services and productivity.

  • Integration with AppExchange packages.

  • Salesforce to Salesforce connection.

  • FinancialForce, Conga, Drawloop, Concur, DocuSign, etc.

  • Google products, Marketo, Dropbox, etc.

  • Social networks.

  • Payment processing services.

  • Various libraries and applications available through AppExchange.

  • Highly customizable web services.

  • Integration with BA tools to provide data analysis and advanced analytics

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